Way of life ministry


Besides being a satisfied and fulfilled married couple since 1995 and having adult twin boys, the most wonderful thing that has been entrusted to us in our life is the ministry for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Ministry


King David Christian Schools has always been an integral part of our disciple-making ministry. Since inception, we’ve served several hundred children and teens! We have not only taught them essential skills and courses, but many of them and their family members have met Jesus Christ personally and been transformed. We have sought to instill values of loving Christ, loving our neighbors globally, and serving purposely with love.


In 2009, Way of Life started in Poznań in the hearts of three people with a passion for Christ and for people to know God and to enjoy Him forever. Three quickly grew to 11 people in two disciple groups. People began growing in closer relationships with Him and other people from the community. Now, most of the original members have become leaders and there are 14 disciple groups totaling about 70 people. Jarek and Iwona now know four generations of disciples!


The Institute helps to develop communication and leadership skills to build strong and happy families, communities, and teams of people pursuing common goals. We organize small meetings to conferences in order to equip people with knowledge and tools. We achieve this in a practical way through interactions, conversations, lectures, and workshops.